Balloons for Cash - Business in a Box

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NEW! BUSINESS IN A BOX Includes the Balloons for Cash Training Book and DVD plus the 21 Marketing Strategies Book to help you start and boost your business.  Plus you will learn all the secrets to getting great paying gigs right now!  See how Todd makes the most money twisting the simple list of balloons at parties, festivals and more!  Anyone can start using this kit and it includes everything you need to do your first gig! 


  • Balloon Twisting Training DVD
  • Balloons for Cash Business Training Manual
  • 100 Qualtex 260 Balloons (assorted standard color)
  • Qualtex Balloon Pump
  • 21 Marketing Strategies Book
  • Full email support direct from Todd
  • BONUS: Printable Balloon List with "Tips Please"

What is Balloons for Cash Program?

Welcome to the first ever balloon twisting and business course!  
  • FIRST, you learn to twist the most popular balloon animals with my exciting balloon twisting how-to video.
  • SECOND, you learn my easy business system and quickly set up and promote your own business.
  • THIRD, you use my proven and cheap marketing tools to land great paying gigs!

For Complete Beginners or Developing Professionals!

  • No previous experience necessary!
  • I going to show you exactly how to achieve success!
  • Don’t worry, there are tons of opportunities in your town to make great money twisting balloons!
  • Adding balloon twisting to your other entertainment gigs can INCREASE your profits every time!

Balloon twisting is an easy and fascinating skill that you can master in a very short time and use for your entire life!  Twisting balloons works great for college students… work between classes or weekends.   It is great for homeschool students because they can use their skills to interact with others and make money at a young age!  For moms and dads because you can take your kids along and you can make great money in a short amount of time…. leaving more time and money for your family! For street performers and clowns it offers a way to diversify your skills enabling you to accept more gigs and make more money at every gig!

For example:  I met a high school girl last month that started twisting balloons for a local restaurant and now she gets paid on a regular basis and is having a blast.

What does the BFC program include?

  • Very EASY step-by-step video tutorials to teach you how to make the most important professional balloon animals
  • Training Manual Ebook which includes instructions on how to setup and market a balloon twisting business
  • Learn all you need to know to become a success!
  • How to get the best paying gigs!
  • How to make the best tips and wages when twisting balloons
  • How to get repeat business with venue, fairs and restaurants
  • How to successfully promote a balloon twisting business