21 Tools and Home Repair Tips: Do it Yourself and Save Big Money! (21 Book Series)

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Is the leaky faucet driving you crazy? Do you have a light switch or electrical outlet not working properly? Did you know that you can fix it yourself today? Learning just a few of the repairs in this book can save you hundreds of dollars in future home repair bills! You don’t have to hand a contractor a large check for things that you can easily fix yourself. First, Terry introduces you to the 21 essential tools for homeowners. You will be able to fill your toolbox with confidence and know exactly what each tool is used for. Then, you will get the inside scoop from a Certified General Contractor on how to make all of the most common home repairs. Learn quick and easy fixes including fixing a leaky faucet, refinishing your old wood cabinets, changing electrical outlets and repairing a broken window for less! Read Terry’s book this weekend and get the confidence you need to truly do-it-yourself! Learn more at http://www.21bookseries.com