21 Things to Know and Do Before You Call the Help Desk

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Finally, all of your technology and computer problems can be solved in a fraction of the time! This is a short and concise guide for placing and using tech support combined with basic troubleshooting, prevention, and correction techniques that may prevent you from even having to place that call.
On the outset of the call the technical support representative is flying blind, with only the information you give them to guide them. The technical support team however, also has a certain maximum amount of time to actually solve your issue. As the user or the customer, you feel you need to express the sense of urgency to the support representative, and if you express this correctly, as well as with the most correct and relevant information as possible, you will save yourself, time, frustration, and money. This book makes no assumptions about your technical knowledge, but presents steps anyone should be able to follow to make preparing for, and placing the call to technical support.
Simply reading this book this weekend end could save you hours and hours of headache!