21 Service Business Marketing Strategies (How to get new customers and keep them coming back)

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You can provide a service and have a great amount of talent but can you get the work? Too many talented service providers spend too many hours sitting by the phone with their tool case by the door. That doesn’t have to be you! The best service guys and the most successful ones are the ones who understand the power of the simple marketing strategies that I have outlined in my book. Combining these 21 strategies over the next few months, you can be filling up your schedule and increasing your income! When I first started my service business I had to learn the hard way. It took a lot of sweat and tears but I was able to pull it together and now I operate a very successful service business. These techniques have enabled me to double my customer base every year for the past four years! I get new customers every day and I service my regular clients too! I don’t spend a lot of money on advertising and most of my techniques are automated!

These techniques will work for any service business including:
•Home Repair
•Handy Man
•Computer repair services
•In-home or on location services
•Hair salons
•Piano tuners
•And any other business where you provide a service to your customers!