21 Outside Sales Secrets From the Queen of the Road: Become a top-selling outside sales rep

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Diane is the real Queen of the Road. She started traveling with her father on sales calls at age four! She has been an over the road sales rep for all of her adult life. Instead of wasting years learning by trial and error, find out the 21 secrets to making sales happen! You may have heard people talk about sales techniques or attended popular sales training seminars, but Diane reveals her selling secrets from the real world… from the road! Queen will save you the heartache of taking no for an answer, giving up too soon and getting cheated! If you really want to survive on the road and make great money selling, allow the Queen teach you how to stay the course, believe in yourself, back it up in writing and never give up. Read and study her 21 secrets before your next sales call. You will fully understand how to close the deal!

Diana M. Evans was born and raised in Miami where she received a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice, went to law school for a time, and then decided she wanted to make money. At the age of 4, she traveled with her father, who was an amazing salesman and taught her everything she knows about selling. Diana quit law school and went into sales, where she’s been a top-grossing free-lance sales rep ever since. Along with other members of her family, she has a successful decorative accessories sales firm in Florida, and gives sales-training seminars and sales advice to small firms.